Random Phrase Internet GOLD!

New blog = new features! The first new regular feature piece for this blog is a little game I’m calling Random Phrase Internet GOLD, and it goes a little something like this:

1. Take a phrase from the day (the weirder the better) and be off to the Googles!
2. Share a look at the magic that results!

Today’s phrase, taken from an enlightening conversation with a co-worker about the usefulness of my windows for the purpose of defending the building against a rampaging zombie horde: “Zombie Clown on Stilts”

I mean, what could be better, cooler, more exciting, more bizarre, than a zombie clown? Well, obviously, a zombie clown on stilts!

And here is what The Internet had to say:

Zombie on Stilts.

[Allen Lee’s photograph — see Flickr stream here]

A zombie clown! On stilts! But wait — there’s more!

As it turns out, according to the hive genius of Wikipedia, the prefix for the proper name for fear of clowns — Coulrophobia — comes from an ancient Greek term meaning “one who goes on stilts”. (This may, of course, be exactly the kind of joke it sounds like.) Terror!

Oh, but it all gets creepier from here —

Poor, sad zombie clown. :( Not as happy as this one, from a zombie walk in Columbus, who seems to have had a fine time walking about on stilts amongst the rest of the shambling undead. Still, he seems to find a way to cope.


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