Random Phrase Internet GOLD: Zebra Boogaloo!

The daughter of a friend suggested a fine phrase for today’s installment: “zebra jumping over the moon.” Thanks, Malia!

As it happens, there’s a lot of stuff on Teh Interwebz about cows and this moon-jumping behavior of theirs, but not so much about zebras, so I believe I can do the world a valuable service by showing, at long last, that cows are not the only moon-hopping game in town. In fact, there are artistic renderings that show this special zebra/moon juxtaposition just as it should be shown — and also quilts! With added froggies!

Still, I think the most magical find of all is this fascinating example of how translation can go horribly, horribly wrong. Somehow, we get from ‘The zebra is jumping over the blue moon that is made of yellow cheese” to “Bluegrass” by way of a jog past “Zebra blue cheese in a month of rest”, a slight veer toward “Bluegrass Monday” and a missed left turn at Albuquerque.

“Zebra Blue Cheese” is a good band name for a group that plans to play weekly on Bluegrass Monday.

Also: Let’s not feel too sorry for the cows when the zebras push them out of the moon-jumping racket. They’ve already diversified into other jumping markets.


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