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So, I was toddling along on the treadmill this morning (like you do), and I distracted myself from the pain and the sweat and the general misery with the following thoroughly unoriginal thought: Wedding rings are stupidly expensive, diamonds come at the cost of the exploitation of those who mine them, etc., and they’re so…impermanent, for a thing that is supposed to symbolize eternal devotion. They get lost. They get damaged. You really shouldn’t wear them swimming. Why not just get a ring tattooed on your finger and get it over with? That’s what I was thinking, somewhere around mile 3.

Obviously, this thought could not have originated with me. It’s too reasonable, too sane. Someone has to have done this (so I thought).

In fact, several someones have done so, with varying degrees of humor and/or long-term success.

This couple, for example, got their diamond without mining.  our tattoo wedding rings

Tattoo Wedding Ring This one kept it simple and elegant.

They can be practical. They can be Celtic. They can fade, and yet remain. My Wedding Ring

Wedding ring tattoo They can be complementary and specific or symbolic and abstract.

They can be all of the things that tattoos are — only for the people who wear them together in this way, they are an indelible piece of shared meaning. Obviously they have the same downsides that all tattoos do — maintenance, the “OMG what the hell was I thinking?!?” problem, the — ehem — “Rudy’s on my ass but no longer in my life” problem — but that’s part of the idea’s charm, I think. A symbol of supposed permanence (however illusory that is in life) should be hard to remove. That it may fade and weather a blur over time (instead of remaining pure and hard and perfect like a diamond) is actually an important advantage to the tattoo ring; it can live the life of the relationship it symbolizes.


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