Random Phrase Internet GOLD!: Timely Observations

In addition to being timely (given current political events), today’s phrase is really just fun to say: despot swag! If I can’t be in a band called Uterus Cannon, I want to be in one called Despot Swag.

When we go to Google, we learn many things about despot swag. For example, we discover that good ol’ Gadhafi is quite the fashionista — he sports looks ranging from the rakish to the ridiculous, and he does it with proper despot style. His decadence and wickedness? Undeniable.

Mubarak, however, will not be counted out in the competition for biggest douchpot.

The strangest coincidental discovery on a search of this phrase, however, is that

1) There exists a woman named Karen Despot, who is an artist, and
2) The first place her name appeared in my search results (conjoined with “swag”) was in an article on NASCAR.com (which is, obviously, the first place anyone interested in art would look to find such a person).

I venture a guess that she is probably a much more tasteful dresser than either Gadhafi or Mubarak. I cannot be certain, however, whether this is because she simply doesn’t have the despot cash and power to be truly and artistically tasteless. Absolute power does, after all, corrupt absolutely.

At the very least, her name makes possible unfortunate NASCAR headlines like: “Despot brings the world of art to Martinsville.


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