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An Open Letter to BBC America

Dear BeebAm: You know I love you. You know this. I’ve loved you ever since that year I got free digital cable in Rochester, NY as part of a promotional deal for new renters in my apartment complex. I love your … Continue reading

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Brighton Beach Tango

So, another day, another chance to celebrate the wonders of the Library of Congress Flickr Stream! Today, we return again to the set of news photos of the 1910s, this time with some lovely images of an interesting place: Brighton … Continue reading

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Romance and Commerce on the High Seas

No treadmill, just cleaning today, and another old movie to keep me company. This time, I was fascinated by a scene or three from Doris Day’s film debut, 1948’s Romance on the High Seas. The plot is, of course, just as … Continue reading

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Haunted and Haunting

This weekend, I had the opportunity to play my humble fiddle with the Fort Dodge Area Symphony, and I was once again able to enjoy the pleasure of wandering around the marvelous, creepy castle that is Phillips Middle School (whose … Continue reading

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The Joy of a Rare Bird

I have always adored Steve Martin. He is, let’s face it, just an interesting guy, and in addition to being interesting, he also just seems…well, he seems to be pretty cool. Some interesting people are intriguing to us because they are, … Continue reading

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Catching Up!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks ’round here, so I haven’t been doing my due diligence w/r/t blogging. Time, lamentably, has gotten away from me. To catch up and get back on schedule, I therefore offer this humble omnibus … Continue reading

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