365 Days of the Unoriginal, Day 10: Yes!

Today’s offering: A medley of Yes tunes with Jimmy Davis & Friends — Long Distance Runaround and I’ve Seen All Good People.

This one is really a tribute to the other musicians involved rather than an example of anything special I’ve done. Jimmy Davis (guitar, vocals) put the show together with Andy Juhl (guitar, vocal), Brooks Begay (bass), Dave Hinners (drums, vocals), and Steve Alingh (keyboard), and it’s been a fascinating experience learning songs with these guys. Actually, I should say I’ve mostly spent my time a) counting a lot, b) trying to figure out how to sing these songs in a voice that respects the sound of the original, and c) watching everyone else work HARD to get the often-complex music to work. These guys are amazing, and I’ve been lucky to get the chance to sing with them.

The funniest thing (and the saddest) about the video is that, due to the location of the camera, poor Brooks is constantly hidden behind a light fixture. The bass at the beginning is epic.


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