365 Days of the Unoriginal, Day 24 Flies Too Close To The Sun

It’s a busy weekend — time for the Fire in the Flatlands festival out at Hidden Acres Music Farm! I’m going to be rocking the backing vocal and violin action as a Bluestem Player behind local legend Andy Juhl for two sets at the festival — electric on Friday night, acoustic on Saturday afternoon — and therefore will not have time for any new cover work for a few days.

In place of fancy new cover stuff, today you get old cover stuff featuring the musical genius of Andy himself and at least one of my fellow Bluestem Players (check out the dude on the bass…oh, crap, you can’t, because there’s a stupid lighting fixture in the way! Sorry, Brooks…): rocking more Kansas with Icarus.

I probably should’ve sucked it up and learned the violin part, but I chickened. :) I was too worried about singing. Perhaps I’ll hop to it now…


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