365 Days of the Unoriginal, Day 25: Slowing Dooooowwwwwnnn

It’s Sunday, and I’m tired after a long weekend of rocking/not-camping/general trippy fun at Fire in the Flatlands, so today I’m bringing things down a bit. We return once more to my Neil Finn obsession with another pretty tune from One Nil/One All: Lullaby Requiem.

The original song itself is sweetly done, and I wish that, when I tried it, I had been able to get the drum shuffle to work — I like the effect. It didn’t go that way, though, so I just ran it on the tenor (electric, this time), altered the vocal a little, and added violin. As usual for me, I messed the lyrics up a bit. I have a gift.

I actually recorded this one a while ago, before I had the mixer and the condenser mic — it’s all run through the H2 to Garage Band, and the guitar is recorded by mic’ing an amp instead of lining straight into GB’s amp simulators. It’s not too bad for all that, but there are things I know I’d do differently now.


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For a good long while (15 years or so), I taught philosophy at a little private university in northwest IA, and occasionally branched out into playing music, dabbling in photography, experimenting with food, and writing nonsense on my blog. The philosophy teaching part ended in 2017 (program elimination via prioritization), but never fear! I've just finished my MLIS at San Jose State University, and I'm currently on the market looking for new adventures in either philosophy or LIS. For now, I labor at a fairly interesting administrative job in order to support my dogs in the lavish manner to which they've become accustomed.
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