365 Days of the Unoriginal, Day 31 Is All Duncan Sheik’s Fault

And I didn’t even cover one of his damn songs! I’m metacovering The Thompson Twins!

See, here’s the thing: Duncan Sheik (no, I don’t feel guilty for liking his stuff — I mean, come on, I just covered a-freakin’-ha, and you think I’ll shrink from your one-hit-wonder-scorn for Sheik’s Broadway composer act? HA! How little you know me…) just released a whole album of 80s covers. It is called, appropriately enough, Duncan Sheik Covers 80’s. It is kind of terrific, I think — he takes these classically 80’s sounds, strips them down to acoustic bones, and makes something songcrafty and interesting in them show up. One of the tunes he does on this record is the Thompson Twins’ Hold Me Now, which was already pretty cool, and it becomes sort of fascinating the way Sheik plays it.

The other night before jam (at which I inflicted the song on my fellow jammers), I had just listened to Sheik’s cover, and found myself inspired. It is, as it tuns out, simple enough for a lazy sort like me to play and sing without all of the production hoopdedo, and I need a certain number of those to fill out my challenge here, so I took a shot at it. It was kind of fun, actually. :) It is also so thoroughly, deliciously cheesy that I cannot help but love it. I imagined myself playing it at someone’s wedding, and could barely stop myself from giggling through the whole business.

As usual, I just sang and played into the condenser and dubbed the Garage Band track over the video track from PhotoBooth (which would’ve been OK, but it seemed a bit…off, and I liked the GB sound just a little better).


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