365 DotU, Day 68 Sings A Love Song To A Vampire

The Coppola Dracula film, admittedly, had some problems (many of them related to the acting/casting and some unfortunate interactions between the dialogue and the editing). It was, however, a sumptuous visual delight most of the time, and I love the dedicated use of old in-camera effects. It just looked so damn pretty. The sets and costumes were beautiful, and the lighting…often quite clever. Also: Gary Oldman chewing scenery in almost any context whatsoever = AWESOME, but with that wig? EVEN MORE COMPLETELY MADE OF AWESOME AND WIN.


The soundtrack has in some ways outlived the popularity of the film. For a while in the years after its release, whenever someone needed big-ass dramatic music for an ad or a trailer, they’d just cut in either bits of Orff’s Carmina Burana or, oddly enough, bits of the Dracula score. I can guarantee that there are people out there in the world who have never seen this Dracula  movie, but who have just the same heard a whole lot of the soundtrack, and would find the music familiar.

I wore my old cassette of this soundtrack out a long, long time ago (I went through a soundtrack phase). I especially loved the last track, credited to “Wojciech Kilar feat. Annie Lennox”, a tune called “Love Song For A Vampire.” Most of what made it beautiful, honestly, was (and is) Annie Lennox — her voice is the most amazingly wonderful thing. When I decided to take a shot at it for my 365, it was with a kind of dread. I mean, I’ve tried Annie Lennox stuff before, but…well, my voice is a lot smaller than hers, and this song needs a tone that it isn’t easy to match.

Then I decided to throw caution to the wind, use almost every damned non-electric string instrument in the house that isn’t in the violin family or a ukulele, and went for it.

There are, unfortunately, a bunch of weird noises in the recording that I just got too lazy to remove. Think of them as markers of authenticity.


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