Miscellany From Busyland

My scheduled blogging should return to something a bit more normal in a week or so. For now, though, all I can say is random stuff this:

1) My dogs are None Too Bright.

Evidence: Yesterday afternoon, as they messed about in the back yard, they found a rather large cat in the untamed underbrush around my big ol’ trees. Yes, I should have that stuff taken care of. No, I haven’t bothered to do it yet. No, I probably will not get to it this year.

ANYway, the cat was in the brush, and the dogs dutifully surrounded and barked at it, although they couldn’t seem to see it. Henry, frankly, was using his “what the hell? what the hell? what the hell?” bark, which is what made me come out to see what was going on. While they circled and sniffed and yapped, the cat (bigger than the dogs, as it happens) just…left. It slipped out of the brush and legged it for whatever opening in the fence had admitted it to begin with.

The dogs did not stop barking, sniffing and circling. They were fixed on that spot. The spot without the cat in it. The damn cat ran right past Eddie, and he never even noticed.

Team Terrier does not score high on attentiveness or observation, apparently.

2) I just (belatedly) discovered that I am actually quoted in a book written by one of my grad school professors. The really funny bit? The book came out in 2001. I have read it several times (and am currently reading it with a student for Honors work). I wouldn’t have noticed myself in there if my student hadn’t pointed it out to me. I’m so familiar with the argument, I tend to skip a lot of the introductory material when I read this particular text, so I just…glanced right over my own name and my own damn words.

Sheesh. And I used to think of myself as a careful reader.

Back to work! I should have another song or two done this weekend for the Challenge; I think cover song work will be confined to weekends from now on, unless I find something nice and easy to rock through in an hour or so on a slow grading/reading/writing night.


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