365 DotU, Day 81 Makes Do Without A Vocoder

I love me some Alan Parsons Project. I wore out a tape of Tales of Mystery and Imagination a long time ago, and I adore so much of what’s weird and symphonic and dramatic and interesting in the music APP produced. It’s not, on the whole, really acoustic cover stuff. I thought about trying to do some violin-based versions of some of the music from Tales, but just couldn’t find the time to do it right. I’ve been listening to Ammonia Avenue nonstop this week for some reason, though, and I really wanted to cover a song of theirs, so I found the one I could handle: “Don’t Answer Me.” I wish I could’ve found the time to do more with it (percussion, bass, additional instruments), but all you get is me and the guitar. Oh, well.

It’s not as cool as a full version could’ve been, but I still really like the tune, anyway. I had to hum to cover the unfortunate absence of the saxophone solo. :( Oh, well!


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