365 DotU, Day 82: Baby’s First Harmonica

I’m becoming an instrument hoarder. It’s a bit pathetic, really. It’s just that I keep discovering more sounds to make, and it’s so much fun to make them that I simply have to do it! My newest acquisition is a cheapo set of Hohner harmonicas, and I’ve been scaring the dogs with my horrifying blues harp attempts for the better part of two weeks now. Poor Henry gives me a disgusted look and heads for the other side of the house as soon as I take the harmonica case out. I can’t blame him, of course — I’m just about as horrid on the harmonica as I am on every other new instrument I’ve got (which, right now, is too many).

I decided, finally, that it would be a good and educational thing to try to record a harmonica line in a song, so I added it to today’s offering, a cover of “If You Don’t Know Me By Now” that was requested by my awesome bass player friend Doug. The song is, of course, well known to younger folks as it was performed by Simply Red back in the late 80s, but it was first a hit for Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes some time before that. Do be sure to click that link to Harold Melvin, by the way — it’s a terrific performance from an appearance on Soul Train, and the costumes alone are awesome.

No, I do not have an amazing, super-sexy velour jumpsuit. Sorry. All I have is this:

For my version,  I recorded the main vocal and the guitar together (and put that on video as well as in Garage Band). Then I added the harmonica and the backing vocals to the Garage Band track. I had originally intended to use the video sound alone, without the harmonica and extra vox, but iMovie was being a doofus and the sound was out of sync, so I dubbed in the Garage Band track with all of the additional sounds. Surprisingly, the harmonica wasn’t as awful as I was afraid it would be — I’m learning! Yaaaaay! New toy! Next hoardable thing: BANJO!


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  1. teledude says:

    oh man, love it! Love the dual vocal on the chorus…love the HARMONICA! thanks kiddo!


  2. You are more than welcome!


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