365 DotU, Day 83: Lake Avenue Breakdown!

Well, not really, although I do have to thank my former academic assistant Chris for giving me the name of the first tune I will ever compose for banjo. Thanks, Chris! My neighbors will thank you, too! Their seconds will call on you later. I think you get to choose the weapons.

Oh, yeah. I have a banjo now. HA! BANJO! My power to annoy the crap out of people just increased a thousandfold! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Check out this hawt banjo action, bitchez!

Cripple Creek Tenor (1)



ANYway…yeah, I acquired a sweet little 4-string tenor banjo (nothing fancy, just an entry-level Gold Tone number) this week, and decided that my first annoying act should be to use both the banjo AND the harmonica (for maximum annoyingness) on a cover of yet another Neil Young song that starts with the letter “H”: “Helpless”.

I must be the only idiot on earth who ever went from playing the tenor guitar to playing the tenor banjo — traditionally, it’s the other way ’round. I am also playing it wrongish here — tenor banjos are usually used as a rhythm instrument in dance/swing/jazz/dixie/whatever music, and are usually strummed with a pick. They don’t do a whole lot of single-note pickin’. That’s for the schmancy bluegrass 5-stringers.

For this recording, I used the banjo, harmonica, acoustic guitar, and bass (the only electric instrument I played — the drum loop doesn’t count, because I didn’t play it, so nyahnyahnyah). I layered 3 vocals for lead and harmonies. I still struggle with mixing this stuff, but it wasn’t too bad. I probably could’ve made the guitar and harmonica a little more present, but I kind of like the way it turned out anyhow.

Oh, the trouble I could get into with this instrument…


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