365 DotU: Time Escapes Us All

So, yeah, I’ve been silent for a few days. I’ve been busy with the ol’ day job, and it has been cramping my blogging style rather severely. Still, I thought I could at least try to post something this week. In fact, I might get two things in, if I’m lucky.

For today, as a promissory note for future blogging later in the week, I give you a Laura & Josh retread: Four Sticks, done entirely wrong. :)

If you want to hear our originals, we’ll be playing at The Gathering Place on October 22nd, and it should be a huge amount of fun!

I’ve got a song to learn in mind this weekend, and a post about my recent trip to Denver in draft form. Once the grading’s done, perhaps I’ll get that done. Tired now.


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