365 DotU, Day 96 Is Ambivalent About The Whole Thing, Really

Wow — I am so behind on these! Apparently, travel takes a lot of my blogging time and energy away from me (which is, to be sure, a great boon to those who’d rather I didn’t rattle on so). Still, I think I may find the time to catch up eventually. Not now, of course — too much to get done this month! — but soon! Perhaps March will be kinder.

Anyway, I finally got another song done, just so I could keep my hand in. This one’s a lovely song about killing someone: Neil Young’s “Down By The River,” which I’ve usually sung backup on for other people. I have to admit, I feel a bit icky about songs like this. I’m also a bit baffled by them. When the narrator talks about the killing, it’s both clear that the event is distressing to him and, well…vaguely celebratory. The dead woman (or dead person, whoever) has no voice in this sort of song, most of the time. Very few of them (nowadays, anyway) feature any form of justice. The song captures a moment in the murderer’s consciousness, and makes it the point of view from which the grim event is to be understood.

It is…uncomfortable.

In this case, it’s also a pretty cool song.

Well, OK, it’s not quite as cool when I do it, but it’s still a cool song. I think having a woman sing the lyrics as-is also does something curious to the effect of the thing, which I kind of like but also find myself a bit squicked out by.

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