The Habitrail Critic Is in Awe…

…of the following paragraph (found in Charlie Jane Anders’ io9 review of MIBIII):

     If you walk into Men in Black 3 believing in God, you will leave an atheist. If you walk
     into Men in Black 3 a Libertarian, you will emerge as a Socialist. Vegetarians will find
     themselves gnawing corn dogs in the lobby. You will probably cheat on your spouse if
     you watch this movie, and it won’t be your fault. Because Men in Black 3 erases all sense
     of logic and sense in the universe, as surely as Agent J’s Neuralyzer erases people’s
     memories (Anders 2012).

That right there is some hard-core reviewing action, friends. I do not wish, however, that I had written it — I would have to have watched the movie, and if Anders is right, the experience would have turned me into Schopenhauer.

And nobody wants that, really.


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