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The Yuck

A couple of notes on being sick with some upper-respiratory yuck in the middle of summer: 1) When you’re a kid, being sick in the summer sucks because you’re a) feeling awful and b) stuck inside while all of the … Continue reading

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Just FYI: The best show I’ve ever seen in an airport bathroom was provided this morning in the ladies restroom at CharlotteDouglas International (E terminal, gates E20 on up). Best. Bathroom. Attendant. EVER. More on this story as it develops.

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365 DotU, Day 111 Has Nothing Especially Clever To Say At The Moment

No, really, I got nothin’. It’s embarrassing. I don’t even have something earnest and dull to say (which is what usually happens in these little bloggy entries anyway). Oh, OK, there’s this (which may fall into the “earnest and dull” … Continue reading

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Really, Subconscious Mind? REALLY?

This morning’s dream, apropos of nothing: I was on a long trip with a friend and a group of students. We went to a…place, I suppose. We ended up picking up a pack of dogs of varying sizes along the … Continue reading

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365 DotU, Day 110 Is All About The Fiddlin’

It is at least all about finding new ways to capture fiddle sound. This is something I struggle with. It’s hard (for me, anyway) to capture a violin/fiddle sound that is both natural and actually pleasant. When I first started … Continue reading

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