365 DotU, Day 111 Has Nothing Especially Clever To Say At The Moment

No, really, I got nothin’.

It’s embarrassing.

I don’t even have something earnest and dull to say (which is what usually happens in these little bloggy entries anyway).

Oh, OK, there’s this (which may fall into the “earnest and dull” category): Sometimes it is truly enlightening to get the chance to make music with the hard-working sorts who are really trying to make a go of it as performers and songwriters. I’m a dabbler, I confess it freely. I’m not leaving my day job — I LOVE my day job. I’ll be damned if I spent all of those years having a soul-ectomy in grad school just to drop it all and run away to follow the siren call of rock and roll. That sort of idea is only attractive in the abstract for me. I love music, and I love having the chance to play it, but I don’t have what it takes — the hustle, the determination, the energy, the desire — to try to make a living doing it.

I was at a really terrific, fun jam last night with a group of people that included not only the usual local suspects, but also a couple of guys who have been making it (as best they can) down in Nashville. Those dudes were fun! They also had that commitment to a certain kind of music career that can only happen if you leave Small Town, USA for Nashville or LA or New York and get on with the business of getting into the business. It was cool to play with them, not just because they were phenomenal musicians (they were) and seemed like pretty cool guys (they did), but because there was some…I don’t know, some quality about them that spoke of their experience down in Music City. They’d come back from the wars, so the speak, to sit with us for a while. I’m not at all sure how to explain it. Our local crew is of the indie sort — in a way, this is because we can afford to be. We can afford to be generous, to share our music with each other, because we are not really in the business. We’re in a different place. These guys swim in a much rougher (and also bigger) pond. They took a different sort of risk, and it sometimes paid off for them.

The thing we all had in common, though — the thing that made the night awesome — was an obvious joy in the music. That’s kind of precious. I think that just sitting around with a bunch of people and making music for hours is, honestly, one of the healthiest things a person could ever do.

Oh, wait — just a sec. Got something in my eye. OK, in both of them. I’m a wee bit verklempt. Talk amongst yourselves.

Here. Watch me butcher another cover.

Another Morten Harket number to add to my 365, and a weird new video choice! Whee! I kind of douched this one up, honestly, but it was all well meant. These are the fun little things I can do because, honestly, there’s nothing at stake for me except the fun of the music. It would do for me to remember that, I think.

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