365 DotU, Day 112 Is Hoping For A Little Grade Inflation

Now is as good a time as any, I suppose, to repeat once again what the point of this cover song exercise is: I’m here to learn. I have skills to improve, new techniques to learn, new technologies to understand, and a need to practice and refine the skills/techniques/etc. I already have. I’m not posting these (often embarrassingly bad) songs to demonstrate my genius. I’m posting up my homework, and sometimes it deserves a low grade.

Today’s homework is all about learning a new technique: Travis picking. Right hand technique on the guitar has always been difficult for me. It’s VERY different from bowing, where I’ve got that lovely stick to manipulate* and a lifetime of practice at doing so to build on. I’m slowly beginning to learn things like palm muting and the sound differences generated by different pick weights. I occasionally even manage to do some picking on individual notes — someday, playing a lead lick won’t be impossible for me (maybe). I have no finger picking skills whatsoever, so my bandmate Josh suggested that I learn some — in this case, that I learn Travis picking. He showed me how to do it and suggested a song to try, so I had at it.

In retrospect, it’s possible that I should have started with something a little…well, easier. :) Still, I didn’t make too horrible a mess of Iron & Wine’s Naked As We Came. I ended up doing a radically simplified version — I don’t walk the bass line around the way the original version does, and there are a whole lot of ornaments and additional notes that I just can’t do. Still, I think I caught most of the bits of it (more or less). It’s the kiddie version! :)

I think I may do this one again once I’ve learned to do it correctly (instead of in this oversimplified form). It’s still really¬†hard for me to sing and pick at the same time. Also: Every time I get even slightly distracted (itchy nose, stray thought), I lose track of my right hand pattern completely. I think I’m going to go back through the ol’ Folk Song Fake Book and dig out some old traditional tunes to accompany and get my hand in order for a while.
*Obligatory: That’s what she said…

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