365 DotU, Day 118 is Feeling A Bit Crowded

House, that is. Neil Finn and company. Woohoo!

This is yet another in the long list of bands that my proto-hipster teenage self couldn’t attach herself to, even though she loved it. It’s another one of those hipster-blocked early loves that middle-aged me has come to find irresistible. There’s just something about it that draws me — Finn’s songwriting, the vocals, the whole package. There’s something quirky and charming about it. It isn’t gut-wrenching music, but it’s still real. It isn’t raw. It’s sweet and clever and sometimes sad and strange. There’s a sort of infectious joy in it, and I just smile whenever I hear it.

Not all music can be naked and forceful. Sometimes, we need to dance angry, and sometimes to crance* — and sometimes, we need to Snoopy-dance, or to whirl, or to waltz, or just to sit and smile and sing along.

When Josh and I first started brainstorming songs to play in public, I’m afraid I was in the middle of a hard-core Neil Finn kick, and inflicted WAAAAAY to much of it on him, poor kid. One of the songs we almost tried (but never did — probably a good thing — I love this stuff, but it’s not really the sort of thing that fits our sound) is “Into Temptation,” one of the whole list of terrific tunes from the Temple of Low Men record. I’ve always wanted to try it, but until now couldn’t quite put together a way to do it.

I changed the words, mostly by accident — I seem to have come over with a deep case of narcissism in the beginning of the first verse. :) I still struggle with moving bass lines on the guitar, so this song was a good opportunity to practice it a little bit. I do wish I had the skills to do justice to the original arrangement, which is really, really cool. Still, this was a good thing to learn, and I think the vocal turned out nicely. Yaaaaay! Time to Snoopy-dance!

 *cry+dance — courtesy AFP’s fans


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