A Tale of Two Mugshots

My veterinarian’s office has recently started providing photo ID for the pets in their care, so that the owner’s name, pet’s name, and image are all kept together with the critter’s medical records. I think it’s kind of a neat idea, and I can imagine a number of different ways in which the practice might prove very useful.

I took my guys in for their shots this week, and the vet staff took the opportunity to update their mugshots. The event had the potential to be very stressful — they were taken away one at a time to be weighed and photographed, and they were already a bit unhappy about the whole going-to-the-vet thing. The pictures turned out to be informative.


Notice that Eddie (pictured above) looks about like you’d expect. He’s an alert, healthy senior Jack Russell, interested in his surroundings and comfortable with the people handling him. I can tell you that ol’ Ed was NOT pleased to be at the vet, but it’s pretty typical of his personality that he seems to have gotten over being cranky and put-upon for a moment to be curious about the camera. He’s a pretty resilient sort of character — he’ll make with the drama when he’s hurt or worried, but he invariably shakes it off and gets back to business.

Also: his ears are soooooo cuuuuuuute!


Henry, of course, is a very different sort of fellow.


Henry, in this picture, looks like he’s about to give himself a heart attack.  He spends most of his time looking like this. He is professionally freaky, and he absolutely hates having his picture taken. He’s got one ear on the camera and one ear on the sounds of the vet’s office, and he is upset by the fact that he has been taken away from me in this very weird place.He’s just a kooky, perpetually bug-eyed Rat Terrier. Poor nervous little guy!

Dogs. Huh.


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