The House Business Meeting for the week of 2/2 – 2/8: Notes

After receiving much helpful feedback (in the form of words, assorted canine protests, and teeth), young Buddy has submitted a revised version of his proposed daily routine schedule for the household to consider. The new schedule is as follows:

Wake up (after a reluctant but still reasonably fulfilling sleep)

Go out. Run around a lot.

Human attempts to eat. Buddy attempts to steal food directly from human’s mouth.
[Human objects. Buddy insists that it is a healthy way to keep humans active and aware, and may also assist in weight loss efforts. Human is skeptical.]

Piranha Time!
[Other dogs and human: “What the…?” Buddy: contorts himself, scoots along the floor on his head with his butt in the air and attempts to bite everything in his path.]

[Buddy: “Oh, come on. A guy has one little accident…” Human: “AS MANY TIMES AS IT FUCKING TAKES FURBALL.”]

Human may leave for a few minutes, if necessary
[Human: Is glad that dogs really can’t tell time.]

Human returns, and gives dogs treats until dogs get tired of asking for treats
[Human: “Yeah. That’s not really going to happen.” All dogs: “WHHHHHYYYYYY?”]

Dogs go out. Run around a lot.

STOP. Piranha Time!
[Everyone but Buddy: *sigh*]

Dinner for all!

[Human: “You know, I do actually have work to do here…” Other dogs: “Dude, this is getting really old. Kind of like us.” Buddy: “RAWR!”

Obviously this schedule proposal contains some accommodations for the non-Buddy members of the group, but it still requires extensive revision. We will take the matter up again next week.


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