More Fun With The Library of Congress Flickr Stream: Doppelganger Edition

It’s been said by a number of different folks that over time, people and their pets come to resemble each other. This is, one must admit, a very strange thing to say. Why on earth would it ever be true? Who ever comes to look like his goldfish, or her gerbil? It’s really rather absurd.

Yet there are ways in which it seems to happen. Consider, for example, this lovely image of the Countess Cottenham from sometime between 1915 and 1920:

The Countess and her little dog do have a striking similarity. It’s mostly something about the ears…and the hat. While it’s not entirely clear whether or not this effect was intentional on the part of subject or photographer, it’s there just the same. Drop in a wee bit of Galton filtered through some Wittgenstein, and you can start to imagine a more profound family resemblance — the shared expression, the bright eyes, the posture, the fur/hair framing the face, etc. There is something faintly canine in the lady, and something personable about the dog.


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