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Poetry as Practice

In 1972, Muhammad Ali did an amazing television interview in Ireland (for RTE One), a wide-ranging conversation that covered boxing, politics, justice, religion, poetry, life, and everything else you might think he’d talk about. He spoke with his characteristic directness, … Continue reading

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Conversations With Small Dogs: An Open Letter

Dear Humans: We, the undersigned, would like to beg you to reconsider some of your primitive religious practices during this fall season. We understand (well, no, we don’t, really, but we’ll pretend here) that you believe that you must defend … Continue reading

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Dance, Power, and the Body, Part II: Tools and Instruments

When I sat down to write that post about flamenco last week, I was mostly enchanted by the kind of body presentation going on in the video pieces I included in the post. I was exploring, at the time, a … Continue reading

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Dance, Power, and the Body, Part I: First Thoughts

Every now and then, my half-hearted checking in on artistic creators whose work I like turns up something that fascinates me. Today, for example, Iron & Wine¬†posted a little blast from the past on Facebook: As much as I adore … Continue reading

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Bad Poem Saturday: Haiku Recaps of Some Books I Read Over the Last Year

1. The Bobby Dollar books by Tad Williams (The Dirty Streets of Heaven, Happy Hour in Hell, and Sleeping Late on Judgement Day, which just came out this past week): Hard-boiled angel is Hard and soft at the same time … Continue reading

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Conversations With Small Dogs: Waking The Food Lady

Buddy’s Top 7 Most Effective Methods for Annoying Waking Up The Human Before Dawn Every Morning, In Order of Subtlety7. Barking! Always effective, never goes out of style, and I can sometimes encourage the two old slugs who sleep in¬†Eddie … Continue reading

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