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Merry, Horrible Christmas!

Because I was visited by Krampus instead of Santa* and given the gift of miserable upper-respiratory illness and digestive malcontent for the holiday, I thought it might be nice to share a thought about two of my favorite approaches to the creepier … Continue reading

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Meta-stories and Their Discontents (Some Notes On The End of Season 1 of Serial)

Like a great many other people, I am hooked on the Serial podcast; I’m fascinated with the kind of long-form storytelling that Koenig and company are doing. Just the same, I have some…concerns. [1] The main thing I want to explore in this … Continue reading

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There Will Be Blood

One of the fun (read: totally not fun) things about living with three terriers (read: terrierists) is that, unlike a crew of happy-go-lucky Labradors, they must frequently indulge a primal and irresistible drive to Bring It. At any given moment, … Continue reading

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Returning to the Well for a Moment

This seems to be my month for reposting things from BoingBoing about books. :) David Pescovitz shared this beautiful video today, and I just couldn’t resist. What I love about this is how well it presents the careful detail-work that’s … Continue reading

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Copy, right?

There is something about the written word, something about the book, something about the art of these things, that I have always found compelling. The shape of the letters on the page, their arrangement, the way thoughts-as-expressed take up space, the … Continue reading

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This is Just To Say…

[AKA Finals Week, Fall 2014: Whole Lotta Love] I have heard the song that you sang during exam time and which you were probably hoping would earn you an A Forgive me For seeming distracted it was so different and so awesome … Continue reading

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A Few Odd Notes: The Instrument, The Body, and (Informal) Composition

One of the things that I think often gets lost in philosophical discussions about music (what is it, how does it work, how is it expressive, etc.) is the way in which the physical properties of instruments and players dictate … Continue reading

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The Professor at Play: Fairy Tales and Sacred Geometry

I’m no gamer (as I’ve said before), although I do dabble a bit. When I do play, I prefer puzzle and story games, as a rule — I like working them out, and I like exploring their worlds. I’ve recently … Continue reading

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