What’s Up With Nebraska?

I ask because it is the state in which both of the following things have happened in living memory:

1. A woman recently attempted to sue “all homosexuals,” asking the court to declare that homosexuality is a sin. (The judge tossed the case out without hearing it, and “declined to allow [the plaintiff] to amend her complaint.”)

2. A Nebraska State Senator (with, apparently, a slightly better grasp of theology and a vastly superior sense of humor than the above plaintiff) sued God for causing natural disasters in 2007. Interestingly (and disturbingly), in this case the plaintiff was openly using the lawsuit as a form of protest in response to another lawsuit (one he regarded as frivolous): a woman suing a judge for prohibiting her from describing what happened to her as rape or sexual assault in the case against the man she identified as her assailant.

Seriously, Nebraska –what is UP with this?

[I know that not all Nebraskans are identical or believe identical things. I do not mean to imply otherwise. I’m just asking, you know, WHAT IS UP WITH THIS STUFF HERE?]


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