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Oh, The Things One Sees On Amazon…

Among the one-star reviews of a rather crappy copy of Stoker’s Dracula: One could not possibly ask for a stronger or more succinct  indictment of contemporary attitudes toward literacy.

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Drunk DudeBros Hitting On Me When I Tend Bar: Let Me Help You With Your Game (Part 1)

Let’s begin with a simple, helpful little translation guide: What You Say What I Hear “I like smart girls” You think I’m an idiot who can be manipulated by flattery Now, this is usually the point at which someone will … Continue reading

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Which World Is This Again?

One of the things one can hardly avoid when dealing with college students (undergraduates and, I’m discovering again, graduates alike) is the old saw that college is somehow different from “the real world,” and that what one must do there doesn’t apply … Continue reading

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When The Words Matter

There are many different situations in life in which the specific words we choose to use to express ourselves are vitally important. Making wishes with very sneaky genii, for example, seems to require a rather absurd amount of rhetorical precision (and, … Continue reading

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The Google/Volvo Maru

This morning, a friend of mine posted a fun little item to a Facebook group that I manage for the friends and alumni of my soon-to-be-former academic department. It’s a nice little story from the University of Alabama Birmingham’s site, … Continue reading

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Local Spectacle, Again

Every year, the little town I currently live in holds its big Star Spangled Spectacular for the 4th of July, chock full o’ Americana and patriotic as it gets. Flags fly, classic cars assemble, dudes on motorcycles rumble through, pie … Continue reading

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