Blog Forecast for the Week: 100% Chance of Stoicism

Not to be outdone by Stuffed Nietzsche, Mr. Bear has a go at Epictetus.

Mr. Bear warms up with the Discourses

Yep — it’s that time again! Stoic Week 2015 begins tomorrow, which means that I’m going to be filling this space with assorted blathering about it (or at least I’m going to try to). I’m not formally committing to the community ed site for Stoic Week, mostly because I’m not sure I’ll be able to make enough time to do it well. I tried last year, and…well, while I learned a lot, I didn’t find the time to participate very well. I’ll content myself with following along in the manual (which you can check out for yourself here) and doing as much as I can (which seems, really, to be in the spirit of the whole business). I tried to get my students to play along last time, but I don’t really have them to talk this this year, thanks to my much-needed and deeply appreciated sabbatical.

This year, I think there will be three challenges ahead of me:

  1. Getting in some quiet meditation time with Buddy in the house. I’m going to have to find some super-sneaky way of waking up just a little bit before he does so I can do morning meditations…
  2. Really connecting this up with my current work/life situation in helpful ways. I think it could help, but I also know me — I am perfectly well capable of just intellectualizing the whole thing and getting nothing out of it.
  3. Balancing blogging, life, and homework — this is a homework-heavy week for me (my chance to catch up a bit in my MLIS classes), and I’m struggling a little with the material. We’ll see if I can keep it all together!

Also: I need to come up with new photos. I mean, Mr. Bear’s cute and all, but…hmmm. Time to mix it up. What to do, what to do…

Anyway, don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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