A Sassy ‘Stache

Among the things I love about the Library of Congress Flickr Stream’s collection of news photos from the 1910s is the really marvelous window it provides for looking at world events on relatively personal terms. Interspersed with formal portraits of generals and politicians and baseball players(!), there are also society-page candid shots of then-contemporary celebrities and artists (many of whom have been more or less forgotten). Some of them have serious flare, charismatic and charming even in the grainiest black and white image.

Take, for example, this fine gentleman here.

Alf. Hoen (LOC)

The spirited soup-strainer on display in this image belongs to the artist Alfred-Georges Hoen, who in addition to rocking a terrific hat and some classic early 20th C. facial hair was also known for formal portraits, the occasional floral still life, and some well-regarded paintings and sketches of soldiers during WWI. There are at least two different shots of him in this collection, both of which suggest lively good humor and a mustache grooming game that is, as the kids apparently say nowadays, on point.

Hoen & Carpentier (LOC)

M. Hoen seems to have this celebrity thing down, both with and without the hat.


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