Pop quiz, hotshot

What are you doing New Year’s Eve?


My own answers include:

  • Facing the White Walkers at the end of my freakin’ driveway and then going back indoors — windchills are going to be in the neighborhood of -40 degrees or worse tonight, with regular temps around -17 degrees by midnight. Yay.
  • Drinking a gallon or so of yummy hot chocolate.
  • There may or may not be peppermint schnapps in some of that hot chocolate.
  • Don’t judge me.
  • Huddling together with three small dogs for warmth and hoping that my ancient furnace doesn’t choose tonight to shuffle off this mortal coil.
  • Getting bored and recording a terrible, mostly out of tune a capella version of Auld Lang Syne at some point, because Bored Now.
  • Swearing at great length and with considerable creative energy at the most recent version of Garage Band and whatever sub-par sale microphone I’m using, because I am too tightfisted to buy something better. Again. Still.
  • Sharing that recording online while not quite sober enough to make appropriate rational judgments about its aesthetic properties.
  • Drunk-texting my friends, family, and assorted acquaintances around midnight, assuming I bother to stay awake that long instead of snuggling into a warm bed and dreaming my way into the new year.


So — got plans?

About L. M. Bernhardt

Deaccessioned philosopher. Occasional Musician. Academic librarian, in original dust jacket. Working to keep my dogs in the lavish manner to which they have become accustomed.
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2 Responses to Pop quiz, hotshot

  1. Jewels says:

    That sounds like a reasonably great NYE. You do live in the great white north of Iowa. And this weather is frickin’ bananas. Snuggle those three pups heartily and enjoy the maybe spike hot chocolate. I just made a batch of hot chocolate mix that is nearly gone as a bottle of peppermint schnapps was also purchased with the ingredients. Stay warm and safe! And may 2018 be your best year yet!


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