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A Few More Thoughts On The Random Darknet Shopper

For those interested in following up what happened to the case I talked about in a previous post, here’s a little update from the artists that I probably should have tacked on to the original piece (it was getting loooong, so … Continue reading

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The Artists, The Bot, and the Darknet

One of the interesting challenges facing a grand vision like Luciano Floridi’s Philosophy of Information (PI) and Information Ethics (IE) at the current stage in the development of his larger project, at least as I see it, is the problem … Continue reading

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Ginger’s Narcissistic One-Body Book Club Presents: What Information Wants

Read on its own, Cory Doctorow’s Information Doesn’t Want to Be Free: Laws for the Internet Age (McSweeney’s, 2014) is naturally of a piece with arguments that its author has been making for years concerning copyright, creative work, and the realm … Continue reading

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Where Does the Music Live?

Much of my own philosophical work is done through examples and cases — I find it helpful, at least for my own purposes, to explore concepts and arguments through attempts at application. For this reason, I’m always delighted when the world drops … Continue reading

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