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What’s Love Got To Do With It?

The best place to enter the linguistic and social-psychological rabbit hole this post is about to drag you down is with one of the best and most well-known XKCD cartoons — “Duty Calls” (#386): Recently, on Facebook, Duty Called upon … Continue reading

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My Sunday Night: A Partial Timeline

5:00pm: I am answering email and getting ready to dig in to yet another set of essays here at Spring Term Grade-a-thon 2017. I have already busted two plagiarists this weekend, and expect to hear from them shortly. 5:37pm: I … Continue reading

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Finding Comfort in the Need for Roots

I suspect that this is the second time (and perhaps not the last) in my working life as an adult when it will be my job to put on my game face, stiffen the ol’ upper lip, and go help … Continue reading

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Hey, You Kids! Get Your Automated Citation Generators Off Of My Lawn!

There are a lot of cool things on the internet for researchers: amazing tools for checking cross-references, for tracking citations, for collecting and organizing references, for finding source material, for organizing and visualizing data. It’s really all quite marvelous! The … Continue reading

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Both Sides Now: 7 Deadly Sins of Canvas Course Setup

One of the things I find most fascinating about both taking and teaching classes in the same learning management system (hereafter LMS),¬†albeit for different schools and disciplines, is the opportunity to experience the effects of different instructional designs from the … Continue reading

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