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Art for Life

It is very easy to think of a house (or any dwelling space, really) as an expression of its builder/designer and/or its residents. The house as a sign (just like one’s car, or the sort of clothing one wears) comes … Continue reading

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Looking Down

One of the fun things about flying is getting a great view of the ground below. It’s a revelatory experience, a way of seeing the world of one’s everyday, ground-bound experience from the outside. It reveals a lot about the … Continue reading

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On The Road

I recently had the chance to leave the mean-spirited, chilly early spring of the Midwest for a little work trip to the tropical clime of Gulf-adjacent Texas. It was a good trip, and an exhausting trip, and well worth my … Continue reading

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Looking Down On What’s Left

There is something sort of eerie about the view from a plane hurtling through the sky between Albuquerque and Vegas, especially for eyes used to the green, gridded regularity of the farm-tamed upper midwest. From great heights, one sees stone … Continue reading

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The Voices of Unknown Birds

One of the most striking (sometimes even a little jarring) things about visiting a place far from home is not so much how the place looks, or how different the people/buildings/trees etc. might be. It’s the┬ábirds. One sees familiar flight … Continue reading

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Two Random Iowa Travel Observations

1. While newscasts and other public address forms in the United States typically prefer presenters with generically Midwestern accents, the recorded announcement voice at Des Moines International Airport is distinctly UK-flavored (like, BBC-presenter, “Mind the Gap” UK-flavored). I have no … Continue reading

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Just FYI: The best show I’ve ever seen in an airport bathroom was provided this morning in the ladies restroom at CharlotteDouglas International (E terminal, gates E20 on up). Best. Bathroom. Attendant. EVER. More on this story as it develops.

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Tales from the Vampire Hunt, Part 1: London Doesn’t Drink…Wine

I’ve just returned from a lovely school jaunt to London and Romania, following the trail of Stoker’s Dracula, and while I did blog about the trip in general for the university’s travel blog, I find myself left with a number … Continue reading

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Moments on the Road

Every time I have to make the long trek from my current Bucolic Rural Hamlet to my childhood home in the Great Suburban Necropolis that surrounds Chicago, I find myself on a curious journey, constantly tempted to turn aside, lured … Continue reading

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