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Duet for Pistons and Gears

I’ve been wrestling with some thoughts about mechanical music and musical machines lately, prompted by two things that came across the ol’ Facebook transom in the last few months: an MIT Technology Review piece from December about musical composition and machine … Continue reading

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Shiny New Scam Tricks!

Today’s scam email from the ol’ Junk folder this morning is some juicy stuff in the ever-evolving literature of the 419 game, although not a new move (examples like it date from at least eight or nine years ago):

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Songwriting, Style, and Habit

I recently wrote a review of a book on song and singing that I quite enjoyed (you can read the pre-pub draft here). I must confess that I struggled with it a bit with writing it, though. Why? Because — … Continue reading

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Waiting in the Sky

During the slow beginning of my bartending shift this past Saturday night, I decided (because I’d been listening to Blackstar earlier in the day) to make it David Bowie Saturday. I set up the computer in the main bar room … Continue reading

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This is how it’s done, y’all

The lady pictured here is Marcella Sembrich, a well-known Polish coloratura soprano who graced major international opera stages from the late 1800s until she died in 1935; this photo was probably taken sometime between 1915 and 1920. She is rocking that lorgnette like a boss Continue reading

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Hey! Look! Some Fannish Nattering About Star Wars!

Note: There will be no spoilers here for the new film. I haven’t seen it yet. I will see it. I will not be stopped. When the original Star Wars came out in 1977, I was utterly fascinated — it pretty much … Continue reading

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In Which The Habitrail Critic Calls For An Assist From Bob Vila

One of the most important things that Guillermo del Toro does right in Crimson Peak is make the house a character. In a gorgeously shot movie that otherwise breaks no original ground in terms of plot or character, this is a crucial choice for … Continue reading

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