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Link Roulette!

As I pursued one of my favorite little hobbies this week — rooting about in the Library of Congress Flickr stream and looking for interesting oddities — I accidentally acquired a book recommendation. It all started with this really nifty … Continue reading

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A Little Southern Harmony

In a previous post, I spent a little time looking at shape note music and sacred harp singing, mostly in the context of considering the authenticity — whatever one takes that to mean — of various settings of “What Wondrous Love … Continue reading

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ReFraktured Color

For those who have read my other posts on the subject, it will be unsurprising that I continue to be fascinated by the use of typefaces to preserve, promote, and communicate about linguistic or cultural conventions. In particular, I’m interested … Continue reading

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Thinking Inside The Box

Like your average cat, I am endlessly fascinated by boxes (and bags, bins, baskets, cabinets, cupboards, and crates, files, folders, folios, etc.). Or, rather, perhaps it’s more accurate to say this: I am endlessly fascinated by the many ways in which … Continue reading

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By Way of Illustration

When I was a child, I used to spend some time in the summers with my family at a lakeside cabin in the woods. It was a cozy little place, relatively isolated but homey. There was a HUGE picture window … Continue reading

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Game of Poems

In addition to useful pamphlets/presentation scripts for the improvement of young minds and state textbooks containing selections of important literature meant to encourage a love of reading, the Wood’s House collection also contains the following handy assortment of poetry (with prose … Continue reading

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Return to the Island of Misfit Books

As I return (at last!) to my little cataloging-and-blogging project, I find myself interested in some of the small pamphlets and booklets that somehow found their way into the Wood’s House Collection. Today’s specimen, for example, is a neatly printed … Continue reading

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