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The Rabbit’s Revenge

My very few regular readers are thoroughly familiar with one of this blog’s sacred annual traditions: The Bunny Story, meant to be received in the spirit of a little light pre-Festivus Airing of Grievances. Those new to the tale should … Continue reading

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Bunnies of Dooooooom!

  It is time. The annual Easter horror is once again upon us, in the form of bizarrely proportioned lapinesque beings with an inexplicable habit of¬†distributing the colorfully painted unhatched offspring¬†of hapless chickens to all and sundry. As all five … Continue reading

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Meno Goes To The Library, Part 1

Scene: A rather expensively-dressed young fellow (Meno) wanders into a university library. He looks a bit baffled by it, and also seems anxious not to appear so– one gets the impression that he hasn’t been there before, and doesn’t know … Continue reading

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