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Duet for Pistons and Gears

I’ve been wrestling with some thoughts about mechanical music and musical machines lately, prompted by two things that came across the ol’ Facebook transom in the last few months: an MIT Technology Review piece from December about musical composition and machine … Continue reading

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Closed Systems in The Age of Mechanical Reproduction (AKA Why Bro Country SUCKS)

OK, kids, let’s talk for a minute about that mash-up of bro country hits going around on the ol’ interwebs right now. Just so we’re all caught up, here it is, in all of its revealing and horrifying glory:   … Continue reading

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A Few Odd Notes: The Instrument, The Body, and (Informal) Composition

One of the things that I think often gets lost in philosophical discussions about music (what is it, how does it work, how is it expressive, etc.) is the way in which the physical properties of instruments and players dictate … Continue reading

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