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Addled Perceptions

I don’t know how true this might be for other performers, but I know that I often feel a kind of loathing for my own performances. I remember every mistake, every slip, every moment when the magic wasn’t there and … Continue reading

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Body, Dignity, and Too Much Information

On Saturday morning, I had the honor of playing Massenet’s Meditation from ThaisĀ at the funeral of a local centenarian. Judging by the comments of the late gentleman’s family, he seems like he must have been a delightfully cantankerous and altogether … Continue reading

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Accidental Wonders and Small Surprises

Yesterday, just on a whim, I trundled off to Sac City, IA to visit their famous Chautauqua Building. Josh and his Uncle Paul and I are going to be playing a little show there in a couple of weeks, and … Continue reading

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