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Two Random Iowa Travel Observations

1. While newscasts and other public address forms in the United States typically prefer presenters with generically Midwestern accents, the recorded announcement voice at Des Moines International Airport is distinctly UK-flavored (like, BBC-presenter, “Mind the Gap” UK-flavored). I have no … Continue reading

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Conversations With Small Dogs: A New Enemy

1:30 AM, almost every morning for the past two weeks [Buddy, who had been sleeping quietly, curled up on the bed at my feet, suddenly jumps up and starts barking like a lunatic. The other dogs remain asleep. Eddie is … Continue reading

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Making Music (Some Random Post-Show Musings)

One of the things I constantly bang on about when I write and talk on the subject of the philosophy of music is the failure of most recent ontologies of music to take it seriously as a¬†practice rather than an¬†object. … Continue reading

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Drunk Vegetarians

Because I’ve been so terribly busy lately, I haven’t really done the home-cooking thing for about two weeks. I thought it wouldn’t be a problem, but it turns out to be. Apparently, my body is no longer up for ingesting … Continue reading

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Time for a Change

All three of the people who routinely read my blog know that I’ve been on Blogger for a while now. I’ve recently decided, however, that I want something a little shinier, so I’ve moved my blog over to WordPress. I … Continue reading

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Further Adventures in the Library of Congress Flickr Feed

I haven’t had the time to wander around in the ol’ LOC Flickr feed for a while, but today seems like a good day to go back. Today we tread on the edges of humor.When I was an undergraduate, one … Continue reading

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Ginger’s Narcissistic One-Body Book Club Presents: Letters from the Empire

One of the things I really like about following a long-running book series is that eventually, the characters and even the language of the stories start to feel like home. They are family, in a way, foibles and all. Once … Continue reading

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