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Dramatis Canidae

And now, for those of you who want to put a face to the antics, I present to you the canine cast of Conversations With Small Dogs:   Eddie Eddie, the veteran of our cast, is a senior Jack Russell … Continue reading

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Bad Poem Saturday: A Haiku For Dogs

Three dogs have been walked Two of those dogs have been bathed Buddy wins at pee

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Conversations With Small Dogs: Henry’s Diary For 7/17/14 (excerpt)

Dear Diary: I know I’ve written again and again about how utterly psychotic human beings are, but…well, they are, diary, and every day I see more evidence of it. They are bizarre, almost beyond description. They do inexplicable things at … Continue reading

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Conversations With Small Dogs: Buddy’s Hourly Diary For 7/9/14, first half

2:00AM     There are THINGS happening outside. The strange little dogs and odd people across the street are plotting something, and I can’t figure it out, so I bark to keep them distracted and off-balance. Eddie and Henry are … Continue reading

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To play music for a stage production, even if only for two weekends of performances, is a commitment to a month or more of absolute commitment to the score for that show. When you’re first learning to play it, you … Continue reading

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A Complicated Spectacle

The local 4th of July celebration in the small town where I live is a fascinating thing. It draws together several competing notions of what being “American” (in the US sense) might mean, putting the tensions among them on display … Continue reading

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The Art of the Hard-Boiled Simile

Hard-boiled fictional detectives are famous for, among other things: Getting double-crossed Having a rather gray moral code Dames. It’s always the dames. Sassy one-liners There are varying degrees of all of the above in any given example (Sam Spade, Philip … Continue reading

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Food, Sin, and Foolishness

I know I’ve posted here before about my little culinary experiments, but I don’t know if I’ve ever admitted to my various food sins (as a cook) and the ways in which they shape my creations (such as they are). … Continue reading

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