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Bunnies. Why’d it have to be bunnies?

[Originally posted in 2014…] Every year around Easter, while other people engage in religious observances, commercial observances, or both, I hold my own grim ritual: recounting a dark, dark Easter of long ago. You see, once upon a time, when … Continue reading

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Meno Goes To The Library, Part 1

Scene: A rather expensively-dressed young fellow (Meno) wanders into a university library. He looks a bit baffled by it, and also seems anxious not to appear so– one gets the impression that he hasn’t been there before, and doesn’t know … Continue reading

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Songwriting, Style, and Habit

I recently wrote a review of a book on song and singing that I quite enjoyed (you can read the pre-pub draft here). I must confess that I struggled with it a bit with writing it, though. Why? Because — … Continue reading

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