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Musings on Compulsory Social Media Shaming as De Facto Punishment

One of the local television stations regularly posts an ad-bait slideshow on its Facebook timeline that features the mug shots of recently arrested folks in the county jail. The FB post includes¬†a set of eight photos and a link to … Continue reading

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A Pleasure About Which I Feel No Guilt, But Do Have Some Mixed Feelings: Daredevil

As I am currently condemned to spend my entire weekend grading, reading, and working instead of enjoying the beautiful outdoors, I have decided to console myself by bingeing on the new Netflix¬†Daredevil series as my working background jam. Why? You … Continue reading

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It’s That Time Again…

[Originally posted in 2014…] Every year around Easter, while other people engage in religious observances, commercial observances, or both, I hold my own grim ritual, recounting a dark, dark Easter of long ago. You see, once upon a time, when … Continue reading

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