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Conversations With Small Dogs: House Meeting, 5/23/15

Me: I call this meeting to order, gentlemen. We have one item on the agenda. Buddy: Is it food? Henry: Wait — there’s food? Buddy: Where? Where is there food? Eddie: Shut up so she can talk about the food, … Continue reading

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Milestones and Little Rites

I had this plan, see. I was going to grow my hair out until I hit my next decade mark, and then I was going to buzz it all off — one last long-haired hurrah, and then no more need … Continue reading

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The Habitrail Critic Hits The Road (Warrior)

OMG OMFG OMMFG Seriously, that’s about all I’ve got where Mad Max: Fury Road is concerned. If I hadn’t been reduced to gibbering incoherence by 2 hours of unrelenting awesomeness, I would probably note, first, that this thing lives up to … Continue reading

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Scenes From The Early Days of Cat Pictures

Another little cheer-me-up moment, courtesy of the Library of Congress Flickr Stream: Mrs. R.F. Armstrong  (Noted Hat-Wearer) and Kilravock Donna-Mafalda (Cat on the Hat) Feel free to run a caption contest in comments, so that this fine feline may at … Continue reading

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Well, HellOOOOO, sailor!

Because I very badly need to smile today, let’s look at a cool picture. Huzzah to that acrobatic French sailor on the Amiral Aube! This is totally what I’m going to do when the semester finally ends — except, you … Continue reading

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What’s Up With Nebraska?

I ask because it is the state in which both of the following things have happened in living memory: 1. A woman recently attempted to sue “all homosexuals,” asking the court to declare that homosexuality is a sin. (The judge tossed the … Continue reading

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