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Deaccessioned philosopher. Occasional Musician. Academic librarian, in original dust jacket. Working to keep my dogs in the lavish manner to which they have become accustomed.

What's Love Got To Do With It?

The best place to enter the linguistic and social-psychological rabbit hole this post is about to drag you down is with one of the best and most well-known XKCD cartoons — “Duty Calls” (#386): Recently, on Facebook, Duty Called upon … Continue reading

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An Old Voice For A New Year

This is not a recap of the year. It is not a recap of the decade, or a Top Ten List of any kind. Instead, it’s a little bit of a look back at an earlier few decades, occasioned by … Continue reading

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Ask not what this movie can do for you…

This is, in a roundabout sort of way, a review of The Report (2019, Amazon Studios). Not the whole thing, of course. Really, it’s more of an executive summary of an even longer and more substantive review that I started … Continue reading

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The Watchers Return

In a certain building, in a certain state, in a certain city, there is a certain display. There they stand, a distaff army of pale porcelain faces and carefully done hair, each with her own unique dress. They are different … Continue reading

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A Modest (Drink) Proposal

Welcome back to another entry in my goofy little series of weak attempts at meme-ing! (for previous installments, see here and here). Been awhile, eh? Lovely to see you again! The very idea of a satire lounge is delightful. One … Continue reading

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The Prophet and the Archivist’s Nightmare: A Tale from the Weeds

When I briefly worked in the archival collection at my former university, one of the things I absolutely loathed was dealing with old faxes printed on thermal paper. Text and images printed this way tend to fade or disappear very … Continue reading

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Another one of those weeks…

I did not originally plan to create a series of dispiriting meme-esque images, but sometimes, the art just makes itself. Original photo of the Foodman Market in Wilmington, CA taken by John Margolies in 1977, currently available online via the … Continue reading

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