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During a conversation last night, I found myself reminded again of a television phenomenon that has, really, died: The old-school, star-driven 60s/70s variety show. These shows were a staple of my childhood, and they were the cheesiest, most brilliant thing … Continue reading

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I have a weird sort of musical habit: I am a 4-string junkie. I’ve played the violin since childhood (and still play it, both electric and traditional). I taught myself to play the viola (mostly because I just sort of … Continue reading

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Random Phrase Internet GOLD: Zebra Boogaloo!

The daughter of a friend suggested a fine phrase for today’s installment: “zebra jumping over the moon.” Thanks, Malia! As it happens, there’s a lot of stuff on Teh Interwebz about cows and this moon-jumping behavior of theirs, but not so … Continue reading

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Moments on the Road

Every time I have to make the long trek from my current Bucolic Rural Hamlet to my childhood home in the Great Suburban Necropolis that surrounds Chicago, I find myself on a curious journey, constantly tempted to turn aside, lured … Continue reading

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Oh, Dear…

Handerpants. Oh. My. God. Handerpants. (via)

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Walking Far From Home…

I am currently on my umpteenth listen-through of Iron & Wine’s new release, Kiss Each Other Clean, and I can comfortably, happily, and with great confidence declare it absolutely gorgeous. Sam Beam keeps stretching in amazing directions, and the result … Continue reading

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Magic in Color and Black and White

I am not ashamed to admit that I have an addiction — an addiction to the Library of Congress Flickr Stream. It is amazing.  There are gems glittering in the Gottlieb Jazz Photos collection, for example, that just tickle the … Continue reading

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