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Visit Impossible

I dream in mazes. Not every dream, not every time, but often, I find myself in mad turnings and familiar-but-alien places, unable to leave and unable to stop trying. They come in identifiable kinds. Sometimes, I am in the Impossible … Continue reading

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Nature’s Protection Racket

As I drove to my pit orchestra gig the other night, I was struck by the basically apocalyptic appearance of the heavens to the west, and it occurred to me that nature might be saying something. As far as … Continue reading

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Conversations With Small Dogs: The Stash

An aged Jack Russell Terrier is in the process of hiding a rubber toy in the folds of a blanket in a crate/end-table. He is concentrating intensely on his task, and periodically removes the toy, carries it around a bit, … Continue reading

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A Streetcar Named "Titanic"

I count myself extraordinarily fortunate in more ways than I can name. I have a wonderful, supportive family, a job I love, a home I love, my health (more or less), the whole nine yards of blessings. Yet nothing drives … Continue reading

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Supernatural Conversations With Small Dogs

Buddy stares fixedly at one corner of the dining room, and then suddenly sprints through the living room and up the stairs. Eventually, he comes slowly back downstairs and stares at the corner again.Me: What’s going on, Bud? Puppy zoomies? … Continue reading

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More Fun With The Library of Congress Flickr Stream: Doppelganger Edition

It’s been said by a number of different folks that over time, people and their pets come to resemble each other. This is, one must admit, a very strange thing to say. Why on earth would it ever be true? … Continue reading

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Conversations With Small Dogs: Ignoring The Admiral

A roundish, nervous rat terrier sits on a crate/end-table near a window, looking agitated, barking occasionally. He is entangled in a rather damaged lace curtain that is still attached to its curtain rod above the window, and is apparently unable … Continue reading

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A Challenge Comes To An End

Once upon a time, I thought I would give myself homework so that I could learn a) how to play the guitar and some of the other instruments in my arsenal better, b) how to use recording technology more effectively, … Continue reading

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Ginger’s Narcissistic One-Body Book Club Presents: Travels in a Strange Country

A little while ago, I bloviated about a book series that I really like: Deborah Coates’ books about Hallie Michaels.¬†When I wrote that post, I was still waiting for the newest book in the series, Strange Country, to arrive. Most … Continue reading

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In Which I Receive An Email from An Avenger

One of the most fascinating forms of criminal-produced literature is the letter or email that sets up the 419 scam. These messages spin colorful tales of Nigerian princes, deposed dictators, deceased Spanish utility employees with rich, generous, and terminally ill … Continue reading

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