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365 DotU, Day 128 Needs Lip Gloss and A Gallon of Aquanet STAT

This entry in the challenge exists for exactly 2 reasons: 1) I needed a simple song to use to demonstrate my new “skill”: I can now play the harmonica badly AND play the guitar badly… …wait for it… ….AT THE … Continue reading

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365 DotU, Day 127 Has Come Over All Jazzy

I admit it — I got all inspired by the Jazz and Blues Festival in Cherokee this weekend, and sat down and looked for jazzy tunes to try out the pipes on. Problem 1: Effin’ jazz chords, man. Jaysus. Solution: … Continue reading

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Festival Spaces, Part 2: Saturday

In my first post about the 2013 Cherokee Jazz and Blues Festival, I provided one sort of picture of The Gathering Place, one of the venues on the pub crawl. Certainly, when compared to a bar/restaurant with less square footage … Continue reading

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Festival Spaces, Part 1: Friday

This past weekend, the Annual Cherokee Jazz and Blues Festival took over the streets of charming Cherokee, IA, the way it does every January. The event really does get the whole town out, no matter what the weather (and Saturday … Continue reading

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365 DotU, Day 126 Has Broken Up With The Police

You know how it is. They’re all needy and law-and-ordery, you’re all free-wheeling and fun. It just didn’t work out. Ehem. Today’s trip into coverworld is a lesson in stuff I can’t play. I’m getting a little better, I think … Continue reading

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