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A Confession

I kind of love Judgmental Bookseller Ostrich. That is all.

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Hotlanta I Spy Blogging

Travel is always an adventure in stories and moments. It begins with a long drive to a faraway airport, at which I am obliged to give up a corkscrew that I had, for some unknown reason, left in my carryon … Continue reading

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Sacred Geometry

For me, my violins (from that first crappy little student rental I learned on to my latest acquisition, an entry-level electric fiddle) have always been holy. Their voices have differed. Their shapes and colors have shifted over time, and they’ve … Continue reading

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The Charming Vicissitudes of Language

One of the reasons (and there are many) that I adore the works of P. G. Wodehouse¬†is that he writes stuff like this: “‘Sir?’ said Jeeves, kind of manifesting himself. One of the rummy things about Jeeves is that, unless … Continue reading

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Bodies at Rest and In Motion

One of the spectacular treasures of the Library of Congress Flickr Stream is the Gottlieb Jazz Photos collection. There are haunting, amazing photos of jazz musicians and other performers of the 30s and 40s in their element, in both color … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to James Patterson et. al.

Dear Mr. Patterson (and co-author, and ad writer, and producer), It is not, in fact, true that “New York has never had a great detective hero” before you gave us the character of Michael Bennett (although your kind thoughts for … Continue reading

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Feminism and Bad Pop Music

I am down with Sady Doyle. She is right. Katy Perry’s performance image/brand identity is a freakin’ regressive nightmare. What offends me even more, though, as I think about what she says in the piece I linked (above), is that … Continue reading

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Clever and Timely Advice: "It’s Easier to Start A Baby Than You Think."

One of my favorite Flickr feeds is the Vintage Advertising Pool, in which one often finds some rather amazing stuff. This morning, for instance, something extra¬†special came across the electronic transom: This one’s British, a Health Education Council ad from … Continue reading

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The Spam of the Gods

One of the fun things about having a job at an educational institution is that one occasionally gets rather fascinating junk mail. I mean, sure, there’s the usual phishing nonsense, Who’s Who schemes, viagra ads, and Nigerian scams, but sometimes, … Continue reading

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Random Phrase Internet GOLD: The Commitments

So, I was toddling along on the treadmill this morning (like you do), and I distracted myself from the pain and the sweat and the general misery with the following thoroughly unoriginal thought: Wedding rings are stupidly expensive, diamonds come … Continue reading

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