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In Case of Apocalypse, Break Into Library

While (as I’ve already said) there is no apparent rhyme or reason to the books in the Wood’s House collection, there are some popular genres and themes (broadly construed): historical fiction, outdated textbooks, and a wide variety of reference works. Among … Continue reading

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Graduation Day

    Chris Isaak’s 1995 effort Forever Blue is a sweetly sung musical breakup, complete with all of the highs and lows that the end of a relationship can encompass — everything from despair and anger to desperate, self-deluding hope. Sometimes … Continue reading

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Back to the Fraktur

A little while ago, I posted a few odd thoughts on the intersection of print and content in response to a much better piece of writing addressing that subject (among other things). As it turns out, I’m not quite finished with … Continue reading

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Duet for Pistons and Gears

I’ve been wrestling with some thoughts about mechanical music and musical machines lately, prompted by two things that came across the ol’ Facebook transom in the last few months: an MIT Technology Review piece from December about musical composition and machine … Continue reading

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Bunnies of Dooooooom!

  It is time. The annual Easter horror is once again upon us, in the form of bizarrely proportioned lapinesque beings with an inexplicable habit of distributing the colorfully painted unhatched offspring of hapless chickens to all and sundry. As all five … Continue reading

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Lost and Found Poetry

  Today’s entry in the ongoing business of cataloging the Wood’s House collection is a bit of poetic whimsy and class consciousness, discovered unexpectedly lurking in an aged copy of a 1938 World Syndicate edition of Joseph Devlin’s A Dictionary of … Continue reading

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Footnotes and Letters

The Wood’s House collection, as I’ve said before, is made up mostly of odds and ends; it’s a sort of Island of Misfit Books, including everything from ragged paperback novels to cookbooks and old editions of Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance. Among … Continue reading

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