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Moving Pictures (2)

As mentioned in the first post in this series, my subconscious has been having a bit of fun with me as I grapple with the maddening process of moving from my old home to a new one. Because the brain-noise … Continue reading

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Moving Pictures (1)

Moving to a new house is often a bit nightmarish. It’s a lot of work managing the innumerable details of the process (selling or ending a lease on a house, buying or renting a new one, packing, finding a moving … Continue reading

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A Journey in Five Pictures

This weekend marked an end and a beginning, embodied in one last, long trip across familiar ground toward something new. There were signs along the way, including the always incongruous guidepost of a light across the corn (nowhere near the … Continue reading

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Conversations With Small Dogs About Sin and Repentance

Me: Buddy, we need to talk about some of your recent behavior. Buddy: Pretty cool stuff, right? Right?!?! Me: Um…I’m not sure we’re talking about the same thing. What do you think you did that was cool? Buddy: Well, let’s … Continue reading

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The Unexpected Gift of Annotation

The fun thing about the Gideon Bibles in hotel rooms is that in addition to their more spiritual gifts, they sometimes also contain other things. While it is generally considered an urban legend, I can say with complete confidence that … Continue reading

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Time: Some Examples

A little while back, I wrote a post about the John Margolies photograph collection at the Library of Congress Flickr stream. It is a fascinating collection, documenting the architecture of the (now nearly forgotten) highways and byways of the United … Continue reading

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New Construction, Part II: Framing It In

In the previous post in this series, I laid out a blueprint for my Introduction to Philosophy course, using the Information Creation as a Process frame to structure my objectives and the general approach I might take to assessing how … Continue reading

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