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Putting the “Me” in “Memory”

Blade Runner (pick a cut, any cut) is a popular film for philosophers. In addition to being a fascinating bit of on-screen world-building and fantastic design, it also raises (and variously confuses, depending on which cut you’re watching) issues concerning … Continue reading

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A Sassy ‘Stache

Among the things I love about the Library of Congress Flickr Stream’s collection of news photos from the 1910s is the really marvelous window it provides for looking at world events on relatively personal terms. Interspersed with formal portraits of generals … Continue reading

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The Curse of the Chainsaw Eagle God: A Story in Five Images

Once upon a time, the Chainsaw Eagle God awaited its rightful tribute. And lo, offerings it was given! The Chainsaw Eagle God was pleased. But there lurked in the shadows of the trees another power, jealous of the Chainsaw Eagle … Continue reading

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I’ve got a little list…

Top Five Awesome Things About My Recent Surgery 5. The anesthesiologist actually laughed at my Walking Dead jokes. 4. In fact, pretty much everyone I met at the hospital enjoyed my act. Thanks! Y’all were a great audience! 3. You know … Continue reading

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Still Spectacular After All These Years

Every year, the little town I live in throws a big ol’ 4th of July parade, and every year it serves as another example of how little towns live, grow, and change. It invariably begins with the patriotic past, and … Continue reading

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How To Work A Hat

Today’s trip to the Library of Congress Flickr Stream is instructional in nature, with particular regard to applied haberdashery. Your instructor in the fine art of hattery today is the brilliant Luisa Tetrazzini, late 19th/early 20th Century coloratura soprano and … Continue reading

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In Case of Apocalypse, Break Into Library

While (as I’ve already said) there is no apparent rhyme or reason to the books in the Wood’s House collection, there are some popular genres and themes (broadly construed): historical fiction, outdated textbooks, and a wide variety of reference works. Among … Continue reading

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